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Sustained success

SUSTAINABILITY is turning Britain’s building industry upside down and offering new hope for all our futures.

Many house builders who want to be energy efficient can often be left confused by colorful promises and offers for various expensive renewable technologies. What is often missing is a holistic approach which takes all components into consideration and shows what is actually needed to maximize the energy efficiency.

In Europe the history of sustainable dwellings is long. In the past 20-30 years countries like Germany, Austria, Sweden or Switzerland have experimented with all kind of techniques to optimize the thermal performance of buildings.

With a modern build home in passive house standard you can save a stunning 90% of your heating cost and you will just need a small back up heating which provides the additional boost in case it gets very cold outside.

The passive house concept uses the principles of all-around super-insulation, avoiding all cold bridging, very good air tightness (10 times better than the current standard) and maximizing solar gains.

Along with an optimized thermal envelope comes mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, which provides the home with a constant supply of fresh, filtered air, without loosing virtually any heat.

The principle is quite simple. A conventional house leaks lots of heat out of the walls, windows, doors, roof and the floor and needs heat pumped into it constantly to keep up the temperature.